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Help For Rhombeus

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Hi from Greece my rhom has a problem with one eye i see white spots inside i have done therapy 4 days bactopur direct tablets nothing next with melafix 4 days nothing again.plz someone knows what is this???

How can i upload pictures inside this topic?



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This could take longer than 4 days to treat / heal. It could be a birth defect, or an internal parasite.

You could try something like Seachem ParaGuard or an internal parasite treatment.
This could be:
A small bird parasite that uses the piranha or any other fish for that matter for a secondary host. Eventually they hatch out and cause the fish no harm.They may look unsightly but they pose no threat at all to the health of your fish. No medication I know of will kill them and they will eventually go away.

this is from another person on this forum and it is accurate...as i have witnessed this on my Catoprion mento and wild caribe i had 10 years ago...and it goes away...i did add aquarium salt and upped the temp in hopes to speed up recovery..
I hope it s nothing bad thanks!!
no...just keep water clean and feed properly and he should be good
How is the fish doing?
id use pimafix and melafix for min of 10 days ( dont forget to remove carbon from filter) ,

on other hand id feed him some pellets with garlic as ingredient ,i am big fan of new life spectrum and they kept all my fish nice and healthy ( not trying to promote anything , just pointing out what i do)

let us know
Thanks for the tips the spots is the same but the fish eat every day and saw ok
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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