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ssR0150 (12:56:02 PM): Yo
ssR0150 (12:56:08 PM): you still looiking for a tank?
piranha45X (1:14:27 PM): yes
piranha45X (1:14:41 PM): so ah what u got? or what you know of?
ssR0150 (1:14:41 PM): i am in CA los angeles
ssR0150 (1:14:44 PM): 200 gallon
piranha45X (1:14:52 PM): glass or acrtlic?
ssR0150 (1:14:59 PM): glass
piranha45X (1:15:09 PM): what will u sell the tank for ?
piranha45X (1:15:17 PM): what are its dimensions?
ssR0150 (1:15:26 PM): 350
ssR0150 (1:15:29 PM): comes with stand
ssR0150 (1:15:33 PM): and etc
ssR0150 (1:15:38 PM): its my friends
piranha45X (1:15:57 PM): what part of CA?
ssR0150 (1:16:08 PM): LA
piranha45X (1:16:08 PM): trying to figure what shipping would be
ssR0150 (1:16:13 PM): where you live??
piranha45X (1:16:24 PM): el paso, texas, right on border of new mexico
ssR0150 (1:16:29 PM): oh sh*t haha
piranha45X (1:16:39 PM): can u tell me what the dimensions are, or do u know?
ssR0150 (1:16:42 PM): my family members are going to texas
ssR0150 (1:16:47 PM): i dont know the deminsions
ssR0150 (1:16:51 PM): houston
piranha45X (1:17:20 PM): when u can gimme the dimensions, lemme know
piranha45X (1:17:24 PM): when ur family going to houston?
ssR0150 (1:17:48 PM): um
ssR0150 (1:17:50 PM): next week
ssR0150 (1:17:53 PM): i'll find out
ssR0150 (1:17:58 PM): i dont know how they gonna bring it though
ssR0150 (1:18:03 PM): they taking the plane
piranha45X (1:18:06 PM): oooo
piranha45X (1:18:09 PM): ya that wouldnt work
piranha45X (1:18:37 PM): lemme know what the dimensions are, when u can, im gonna go hit up some services to see what shipping would be
piranha45X (1:18:44 PM): what kinda stand is it, an oak cabinet?
ssR0150 (1:18:47 PM): alright
ssR0150 (1:19:02 PM): Um tell you the truth i dont really know but trying to find out asap
piranha45X (1:19:11 PM): oh alright
piranha45X (1:19:19 PM): ur friend who has it, does he have aim?
ssR0150 (1:20:07 PM): its my dads friend
piranha45X (1:20:24 PM): well, if you could get his email or something, for me...
ssR0150 (1:20:29 PM): im just helping him out
piranha45X (1:20:37 PM): try to get his email address
ssR0150 (1:20:38 PM): he doesnt have a computer
piranha45X (1:20:41 PM): er damn
piranha45X (1:20:59 PM): hes selling it 350 with stand tho eh?
ssR0150 (1:21:04 PM): yeah
ssR0150 (1:21:07 PM): tank
ssR0150 (1:21:08 PM): stand
piranha45X (1:21:14 PM): he get tired of keeping fish or what?
ssR0150 (1:21:27 PM): i think he said filter and accessories
ssR0150 (1:21:36 PM): he had some sea dragons and stuff
ssR0150 (1:21:42 PM): now just wants it out of the house
ssR0150 (1:21:46 PM): old people you know
piranha45X (1:21:50 PM): i c
piranha45X (1:22:12 PM): if you could ask your dad or someone if they can get the dimensions, id definitely be interested
ssR0150 (1:22:16 PM): on ebay fish tanks like the ones he is selling is about 500
ssR0150 (1:22:22 PM): alright
ssR0150 (1:22:27 PM): but how you gonna get it???
piranha45X (1:22:36 PM): u know what shape it is? square/rectangular/hexagon?
piranha45X (1:22:52 PM): It could probably be shipped
ssR0150 (1:22:52 PM): square most likely
ssR0150 (1:22:58 PM): how much do they charge?
ssR0150 (1:23:18 PM): i meant rectangular
ssR0150 (1:23:20 PM): haha not square
piranha45X (1:23:24 PM): o
piranha45X (1:23:25 PM): k
ssR0150 (1:23:41 PM): i belive its a standard 200 gallon
piranha45X (1:24:07 PM): ah, alright
piranha45X (1:24:24 PM): well uhm, can u get his mailing address or something?
ssR0150 (1:24:40 PM): why do you need his mailing add
piranha45X (1:24:50 PM): so i can talk to him personally
piranha45X (1:25:02 PM): its not like we're gonna set up a deal right now, me and u lol
ssR0150 (1:25:22 PM): well he doesnt speak english thats why i am trying to sell it for him
piranha45X (1:25:39 PM): well can you get pics of it?
ssR0150 (1:25:57 PM): yeah
piranha45X (1:26:06 PM): just get me his mailing address when u can
ssR0150 (1:26:22 PM): he doesnt speak english
piranha45X (1:26:31 PM): my mom speaks spanish tho ^^
ssR0150 (1:26:44 PM): hahahhaha
ssR0150 (1:26:50 PM): who said i was mexican or whatever
ssR0150 (1:26:54 PM): or he
piranha45X (1:27:05 PM): oh
piranha45X (1:27:17 PM): where u find out i wanted one anyway?
piranha45X (1:27:20 PM): what site?
ssR0150 (1:27:32 PM): p fish
ssR0150 (1:27:37 PM): i saw you were trying to build one
piranha45X (1:27:55 PM): ah
piranha45X (1:28:13 PM): well then what language does this guy speak?
ssR0150 (1:28:20 PM): cambodian
piranha45X (1:28:31 PM): i c
piranha45X (1:28:46 PM): well dude u totally screwed yourself outta trying to con me, sorry bro :\
piranha45X (1:29:05 PM): better luck on the next hapless bastard eh?
ssR0150 (1:29:15 PM): wtf
piranha45X (1:29:22 PM): ur blocked, stfu
ssR0150 signed off at 1:29:24 PM.

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So why was he banned?

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From pfish? Because he was sabotaging the sale threads and masquerading as another identity as well.

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Xenon said:
Clay said:
Wasn't he trying to sell a bulletproof vest a while ago and I called him on it?
:nod: Classic thread!
Nah.. that was a different doode. He was banned at PFish and then returned. He's also still a member on PFury.
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