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I have never tried keeping live plants before so this is going to be my first attempt. As a rule I just have a fish room with 5 tanks, where my computer is. This time however I am going to fit a little 55 US into an alcove/storage cupboard in my main living room. The girlfriend wants a "pretty" angelfish and neon tank and I thought I would have it planted, on a budget and without extra hassle.

I don't want to be messing with co2 and stuff but will get whatever lighting, providing its not priced too steep. I figured the fish load will generate enough co2 and a co2 system is an extra headache I don't need. Although I may construct a DIY bottle/yeast thing for an occasional blast!!

What plants and lighting should I consider. I have little understanding of lighting as I always go for cheap normal fluorescents. So what lighting type/power?? The tank will be, because of alcove size, 48"*15"*18".

My water chemistry in all my tanks varies because of species. But out of the tap

PH 7.0
KH 3-4 degrees
GH over 200 PPM

Thanks for any help beforehand if anyone can give it. Or anybody with similar tank whats your setup?

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With 2 watts per galon of lighting you will be ok for many different plant spieces....
Photosynthetic bulbs will be excellent for your plants but also for your fish.
A basically weekly fertilization will be ok for low to medium maintenance plants.

The only 'bad' thing i can se to your project is the Angels Vs Neons........As soon as the Angels get bigger your neons may start dissapearing...

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I did wonder about the neons but the ones I have in my community tank have grown quite a size. When neons grow to full size and pack on a bit of weight they are bigger than I imagined. I guess angels do grow a fair size though.

I do still wonder about making the plunge to marine. I will have to see how rich I feel when the time comes. Looks like planted freshwater is well within my reach though.

Thanks for the reply, Jim. I will think it over
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