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My p's absolutely love Halibut. They eat it instantly in 2 min. Pellets it takes them awhile, same with shrimp. Don't know what it is but they freak when I put it in. Even more so than when I give them a treat of beef.
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Atlanta Braves Baby! said:
What is the consitancy of it when they start to feed on it? Does it start to flake off or does it pretty much stay whole and not spread all over the tank?
It doesn't flake when I use it. It stays whole. They are small so it gets nipped alot and it holds together really good. There is no trace of it after they're done eating =). The downside of it is Halibut can be pretty expensive.
Mellor44 said:
Yeah, I wouldn't mind knowing that too azeral!

I can get hold of that pretty easy, unlike smelt. Keep trying to find new fish to use. Is it flaky as cod? I kept thinking it would be.
Halibut is a flaky fish when its cooked. But raw it holds together pretty darn good. Give it a shot and drop a hunk of it in there for em.
Also keep mind that I only drop a little hunk (probably an inch long and half inch thick) in for my babies.
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I've been testing out Halibut with my new p's. They range from 6-8 inches. They seem to like it, but they won't eat if I'm around. They are used to eating feeders so I was worried they might not like it.
delta said:
my p's staple diet is halibut and they love it id prob stay w catfish though if i didnt have a hook up un seafood.
One thing I've noticed about Halibut is that its not that messy on my tanks and they never leave uneaten pieces.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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