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I just read this and thought you all might be interested.

I just got some bad news from my host. It seems the raid on my server has lost its file system. Not sure, it can be recovered. Aquabid.com, FishLinkCentral.com, Aquarank.com, Aquaboards.com, FishForums.com, FishBookStore.com and others will be down for sometime. How long I do not know. I have to decide if I want to restart building everything or see if they can recover the data on the raid. Please pass the word on.
Mark Barnett

Looks like it might have been hacked. The raid did not fail. Someone or something deleted the file system. The Chief Security Officer is looking at it.

I would say it will be Monday at a minimum before I get things running again. I might make some improvements before putting it back up as it is easier to do now than while with live auctions.

They are supposed to start up a temporary server for me. I can post a message up on all the domains. Slowly put them back up.
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