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I just started using these Tubifex worm cubes....At first I stuck them to the glass like told, but the fish would fight over them and it would be hard for the smaller fish to rip chunks off. So I put them in water and stirred them with a spoon in a cup and chopped them up until they were seperate. I fed the cichlids these(sizes up to 8 inches) and they have came out of their caves more often, shown some color growth, they're more active, and mostly they have been digging caves and showings signs of them being ready to breed.
Piranhas, this may not have the same affect on but you can try, you dont need to cut them up for them, I'm sure they could eat the cube whole...
Just for those cichlid breeders out there :nod:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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