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got me some babys!

4 of them! (even though i ordered 5, but i am still happy!)


im so happy
i hope they dont all die on me.

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i am just happy i finally found someone to ship to texas
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is it hard to kill them?

i wasnt expecting these fish to show up on my door. i ordered them and never got an order confirmation, or anything.. so i didnt go buy a PH tester or anything.. they just showed up today on my doorstep!

i have no idea what the conditions are in my tank other than 82deg water. and it has been cycled. i have a feeling the water is a little on the hard side, central texas gets its water from a limestone aquifer. but the fish seem to be doing ok, but its only been an hour since i got them.
Cypher said:
Seifer Posted on Apr 11 2003, 11:31 AM
is it hard to kill them?
Can be. P's are pretty versitile fish. They can survive in an aray of water parameters but make sure to get it tested asap cause you want them to thrive, not survive.
fo shizzle

i know what you mean, im just sayin till i can get the ph 7.0 liquid stuff i was reading about the other day, they will have to live in this tank the way it is.. i just dont want them to die.
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RhomZilla said:
Congrats on your p/u!!! What size tank are you housing these bad boys in?? Keep us posted on their well being!!!
i have them in my 20gal planted tank for now.

as soon as they are a few inches long im going to buy a 55-70gal the biggest i can afford.

they seem to be doing good.

i fed the other fish in the tank a couple of hours ago (kibensis, 2 rummy-nose, 2 bleeding-hearts, 2 cherry barbs, 2 corys, 1 molly, 1 zebra danio)

and the piranas ate their share of the flakes.. i was kind of surprised i didnt think they would eat flakes. oh well
you dont see me complaining. saves me a trip to the fish store for now.
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1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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