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---Is there any way to edit the title, looked at the rules after posting.----

I am in Mississauga, can not ship but I can drop off or you can pick up.

Anyone interested in a Gold Mac 7-8 inches, mostly fed superworms, fish scraps, and feeders from time to time (In having him for 4 years since a juvie has had less than 50 LFS feeders), also eats the snails in the tank, plus planed tank mates (convicts, chinese algae eaters, tetras, danios). Currently in a 40g with powerhead, heater and filter.

I am thinking of getting rid of him to deal with space, i was thinking of trading him at Big Al's, but figured it would be nice to trade/sell him to somebody on here who I know will know how to give him the proper set up.

The picture included is from 2 years ago can upload a new picture later on tonight, still healthy and in good condition.


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