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looking at getting some cichlids. i have an empty 75 with in the next couple of weeks. i have already had lake malawi and want something different. i have been looking at Tanganyika Community tank if anyone has any info on them and how many and what species's i can put in a 75 i would be gratefull

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you could try 4-5 a. calvus and/or a. comprecisseps, for a relatively peaceful tank. Or you could go with a more active tank, and get 10-20 'shelldweller' lamprologous/neolamprologous species. Another active setup would be with tropheus species, of which you could keep 5-15 specimens. Tropheus and shelldwellers are virtually identical to malawi mbuna in temperament-- active, territorial harem-breeders. Shelldwellers stay extra-small, while tropheus reach 4-5" like most mbuna do. Tropheus are best kept in tanks to themselves due to the fact that they require a near-100% diet of vegetable matter, if you are to keep them alive (they are very prone to dying due to intestinal blockage if fed otherwise, and seemings how they are very expensive fish...). You could also try keeping 1-3 comprecisseps/calvus with 5-10 shelldwellers, although I think the former fish would have to be introduced at a good deal larger size than the shellies to avoid getting harassed excessively.

here are some links containing useful general profiles of tanganyikan cichlids:
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