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Which girl do i choose?

  • Cynthia, Great sex, but dont know how to give Head

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  • KuLani, Great Sex, but can blow nicely

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Ok ive been Boneing these 2 chiks (without each others knowledge of course) and its been boiling down to this

I need to pick 1 girl who i need to give more Attention to especially when Valintines day is around the corner...

and 1 girl I have to tell "hey im getting really busy now at work and im not gonna have that much time left to give to you" then she will have to be let go or a booty call if she is cool with it.

Cynthia- is a nice girl ive been boneing for 2 months now, she gave me a kick ass x-mas present and i also laugh with her alot .....

good points- can laugh with her, watch any movie, more of a cool friend feeling yet we can me all mushy and stuff, likes to just chill with me and rather watch a vid at home than go out and spend$$ and she Loves my Ps and will gladyly help me out with a water change

bad points- only 1 thing i cant dig or need to get used to it ...she wont give me head... has no exp with it and when she does
I feel bad seeing Choke

KuLani- Is a nice girl ive been boning for 4 months now. she also hooked it up with a kick ass X-mas present and I laugh with her alot...

good points- can laugh with her .... Have Romantic nights ...More of a Girlfriend feeling ...Likes to go out with me to nice places, and gives GREAT HEAD i can say
and if were alone or its private (sometimes not so private) this is also good when shes on the rag..likes to be treated like a woman ... and knows how to carry herself around people who she dont like without acting like a BITCH...

bad points- I cant say or talk about certain things with her like i cant talk about weed or curse around her ...one of those girly girls who wont wear house clothes... around the house... and i cant burp around which really sucks sometimes...i gotta do those undercover burps u know....and dont really like fish in general but likes to watch LIVE feedings with my Ps,doesnt like to care for fish yets she has a reef tank at her parents place with the dimensions of 130 x 24 x 25 ...u do the math

So which 1 of these Girls would u like to chill with? Both got beautiful eyes and hott bodies..I need to choose 1 before i endup with none
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