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I regret that I have to sell up my tank and fish, as I need the space and money

I have five sub-adult red bellys, about 5 or 6 months, four of them are large and feisty, one of them appears to be the runt of the litter - he is much smaller and has an eye missing but he is energertic and aggressive - seems quite healthy.

The tank is 80gallons, and the fish are happy and have formed a nice community. The tank has a black cabinet, with a hood and a two strip lighting system. I will also include the heater, two air pumps hoses and air stones, two rena Co2 bubbly plant enhancers.

The tank has two large external fluval filters, a 204 and a 304. both run quietly and efficiantly with no leaking.

The tank is in great condition, I have drilled afew holes in the cabinet to accomodate the power cables, but this helps greatly to keep the cabinet organised and tidy.

The tank also has about 6 peices of soaked bogwood, and some ornaments.

If you would like pictures or to discuss this further, please email me at [email protected]

I would accept 200 for the whole lot, this is a great way to get into the hobby without having to wait for babys to grow up. The tank is always clean, and I can also give you the gravel, and some plants - real (healthy) and some placcys.


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