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fish still swimming at the top of tank

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i dont know if my fish are ok or not.....do you think they could be scared of the feeder shrimp at the tank and are chosing to swim at the top now....i've been doing 25% water changes everyday now.....i dont kno someone help me

Nitrate: 25
Nitrite: between .1 & .25
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i've got an air strip in the back turned all the way up
How is the temperature? My fish started swimming at the top of the tank when the temperature of my tank fell during winter. Since then, i got a better heater.
FormulatedFire said:
i've got an air strip in the back turned all the way up
Are they gasping/yawning at all? If so then it's definitely an airation issue. If not, is there a stronger current up there maybe from a filter?
No need to do 25% changes everyday unless you are stressing your bioload by overstocking.
the temp of the water is about 80.....and he seems to be breathing regularly......i do have a hang on back filter....so i guess that may create a stronger current.....also i noticed a bite taken out of his tail maybe the bigger one has est. to much terriotory in this tank......but if thats a problem i'm setting up my 55 today hopefully.....
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