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either it needs to starve longer, or practically speaking your fish is dead already. Internal parasites are apparently very hard to stop... it requires the purchase of special medicines that have to be mixed with the food and then orally ingested (eaten).

you could just try adding general fish medicines to the water, but i imagine it won't do any good.

my suggestion then would be to stop caring about the fish. Either its just not starved enough, or it has internal parasites and is consequently a goner anyway.

I had a JD that went 2 months without eating, and a senegal bichir that went for 1 and a half months without eating, when I switched foods on them and added them to new tanks. After 2 weeks i just stopped giving a rat's ass about either of them, and then one day I found the bichir eating, and 2 weeks after that the JD started eating.
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