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i dont know if spilo's are any different than any other p but... when i got my red bellies they were about 1" if not smaller and i started them on a diet of freeze dried plankton with the occasional snack of a few guppies. you will have to be patient about him eating but eventually hell get into it and i fed my p's this until they were more than 2.5" long. i then moved to freeze dried krill which is still their main staple with treats of miscellaneous feeders. when they were less than 2" i fed them 1-2 times a day until they stopped eating. now that theyre bigger i feed them once and occasionally twice daily. feeding times are pretty irrelevant i think but maybe since hes small you might want to keep it to a tight schedule so he will be accepting of the food. after around 4" you can pretty much get them to eat anything... hope this helps!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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