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i feed my p's mostly shrimp and they love it. i take the shells off because they don't like it and they usually leave it in the tank for me to clean up. i have some cigar minnows in the freezer. these are whole fish that are frozen and they contain the guts and all. i was going to wait to feed them this until they get a little bigger or about 6'' or so. but anyway, i feed them feeders every once in a while now, most of the time they don't eat all of the fish anyway. they will leave about half of the fish in the tank floating at the top. i have a blender and i read one of the threads that some guys were mixing different meats and vitamins up for their fish and then adding gelatin, pretty cool idea i think. i just don't know if i still want to make some of those margaritas in the same mixer anymore!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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