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Exodon update

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I had to remove the 2 exodons I had in with my spilo tonight, they have been in there for about 2 weeks. At first everything was cool, my spilo nipped at the one pretty good, but all was well. The past couple days, my spilo has been just sitting in the corner all the time, I think with the exodons swimming around constantly, that just freaked him out, and I guess he knew they would bite back, I dunno. but I got home tonight after working 12 hours, I overslept this morning, so I didn't have time to feed the 3 of them, and found my spilo had some minor damage to him, the exos bit at his scales and it was noticeable :sad:
So the exos are in the 10 gallon tank i was trying to have as a guppy/mollie breeder tank, there is like 20 guppies n mollies in there, they should have their fun with them
, so I will probaly scrap the breeding idea, buy another exo, and go with that. I am pretty pissed off right now but i knew there was a shot of this happening, i think Judazzz even warned me about it. I added salt to my spilos tank, anything else I should do for him?
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p's heal up fast.salt should do the trick against any infection..and sorry to hear that
.i was thinking about getting some for my pygo tank but my lps hasn't had any.
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I've come to the conclusion to just not mix my piranha's with anything. I think they'll end up growing up better and develop more of a tight woven shoal IMO. I think this also applies to mixing different species of pygos as well. Each to his own but I don't plan on mixing pygos or serras, or my nattereri with any other type of fish or pygo.
Sorry to hear about your problem. I think the only way you can have Exodons with Ps is if the Ps are bigger and you have a good size tank. I only have a 55 and I was thinking about getting some, but I know I would either have fin damage on my RBPs or missing Exodons!
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