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I ordered a brandti from ron at
http://www.fishpost.com i had him Fedex them to my house b/c the
nearest airport is two hours away from me. Well as luck would have
it my brandti arrived doa fed ex wined,bitched,complained, and blamed
the death on everything but them selves. So i shipped ron some
more money to ship it again only this time i got off my ass and
drove 2 hours to the airport the plane left baltimore at 12:25
and should have arrived at KCI at 220 but again as luck would
have it the plane b/c of weather was two hours late and b/c of
road conditions it took me 4 hours to drive back home. it was
snowing so hard I couldnt see 5 foot in front of my truck. So
after what seemed like for ever i final made it back home and
b/c of rons pro shipping abilitys my brandti was alive and to
my surprise he threw in a gold spilo for me "What a Guy"
and i must add that he is meaner than hell.

Well if you dont get anything from this post remember one thing
if your going to order fish get it shipped airborne and order from
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1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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