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Hiya all , i see my elongs everyday,so i can't really tell if they have gone bigger, what do you think(they both eat all the time the 5" has a attiude problem and is very aggressive and has started to come up to take his food, i think he's following the bigger ones lead. I think my bigger one might be a red throat, but not sure(one day he looks like a black mask and other days he looks like a red throat- either way hes aggressive to F*ck), but i know for 100% the 5" is a black mask

6.5" just over a week ago ( when i first got him)

Water Vertebrate Fin Pet supply Underwater
Water Plant Fin Organism Fish
and today

5" elong black mask
Vertebrate Water Plant Fin Natural environment


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Good looking fish!

If you really want to know the size, take them out of the tank and measure them.
I measure my Serras annually this way.
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