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Driftwood refuses to sink

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I bought this gorgeous peice of driftwood. It is 24" long, 5 inches wide and 12" tall. I mounted it to a peice of slate and put it in my aquarium. I then covered the slate with 3 inches of gravel and about 10 pounds of river rocks. The wood still floats.

I really love this peice of wood and want to use it. Can you guys think of anything to weigh it down enough.

My dad wants to use lead? Maybe drill holes in the back and stuff it up. Does that sound doable?

or could i get a tile sized peice of lead, and use that like the slate tile?

Any ideas on where i can get lead?
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I soaked it in a bathtub for two weeks, it came out weighing about three times more, but still floating like a bouy.
My problem is the bouyancy of the wood breaks the slate. I have another idea:

1)Go out spend $10 on a marble tile (so it won't break)
2)get some longer screws
3)silicone the tile to the bottom of the tank.
4)then if required put rocks around it to hold it down.

My questions:
Do you think the silicone would be strong enough to hold it down. Is there a better substance to use (ie epoxy, etc.)
Can you drill through marble with a masonary bit?

Not to mention, do you think my above idea will work?
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The slate I used was a little 1/8 inch thick peice. I did not realize they made thicker slate.

Do you think the idea of siliconing or epoxying the tile to the bottom glass would work?
My current plan which i will try tomorrow is:

get a 3/4 (or thich heavy) peice of slate tile.
Use long screws to mount it to the wood
silicone the tile to the bottom.
I have already soaked it for two weeks and I have used Nate's driftwood prepartation. I even have it marked in my favorites.

I'm not worried about not being able to move around.

I am about to go to Home Depot again and look at tiles and other alternatives. I bet I can find something this time, now that I know what I am dealing with.
Ok, i came home with two 1/2 earth gauge slate. Each tile probally weighs 10 #s. Im not sure it will be enough tho. If it isnt I am going to silicone it to the bottom of the tank as a last resort. Not to mention tired of spending money on something that should be really simple.
It is a solid peice of wood 12inches tall 24inches wide, and about 4 inches front to back. I dont think its a stump.

The tiles alone would not hold it down, but with a three inch layer of gravel on top it held down.
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