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I think most of you know I have a few businesses.

I Send out junk mail to tell people that, my business is around and what i can offer them. And a price list.

Well with my health, i cant realy get my ass out there and do it door to door like most people do. So what does this mean? Nothing other then it will cost me a lot more money.

Time is Money. To make money it takes time.
Money there for = Time. ( Money = Time )

It takes me about 2 days to make a nice flyer to mail out. I get them printed on 15pt. card stock paper. Very thick and high gloss, and UV treeted paper. Looks nice and water proof. Not that it matters.

SO i make them and i get them printed. I get them printed in large runs, maybe 10 to 25k cards.

Then i mail them out. Total cost of getting them printed, labeled stamped etc along with postage = around .25 a pice.

Ok so thats no so bad. Then i need to figure out my return as a whole. The basic math is one sale per 100 sent. But i tested that and i came up with a new figure. I came up with each flyer sent i get a money turn of $1.45 So, 1.45 - .25 = $1.20 per flyer profit. Not to bad.

I just got my box of 25,000 flyers and I will be sending them out soon.

Just a tad lesson in mass mailing.

- Bobme

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After awhile you'll notice and get a better idea on your customers. Then you can begin to send them more or better specials than other people who are just receiving and throwing away the mail. That in return saves you money. Then these people can also help you with word of mouth to their neighbors and friends.
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