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I bought my powerhead on clearance at a LFS. It was 15 dollars after the discount. It is a Pro 4 submersible powerhead, says for 75 gallons and up, pumps 240-400 gallons per hr. I use a filter sponge to put on the bottom of it, just slice a cut in it and it fits nice around the riser stem adapter, so feeders don't get caught up into it. I have had it placed near the middle of the tank, on the end, with a flow director that came with it pushing the water up towards the surface. Today I decided to change things around, and submersed it the whole way so the filter sponge is touching the gravel, and took off the flow director so it shoots just straight out. My spilo freaking loves it, he swims in the current constantly, I thought it may be too much for the lil guy, but i was wrong, he still has places he can go to get out of the it, but like I said, he loves it, and I know it will make him grow faster which kicks ass.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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