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Nothing lasts very long in the tank with him, I'm pretty sure he hadn't seen a crayfish before this one , he was testing it and trying to get it from different angles. He started by going after the head first and was surprised when food pinched back for the first time.lol
He's shy around strangers preferring to eat after the apartment has settled down.
My small Rhom actually seems more aggressive than this one and less shy .
My goals this year are to get a bigger tank I like the 75 at my LFS and get into some decorations.
After having mostly oscars and other fish that would dig and move ANYTHING that I put in the tank , it's going to be nice to have a decorated tank.
Thanks Guys.
I finally got a measurement of the bigger one. Guesstimating isn't very accurate.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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