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Dimmed the lights more

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I've got a 4 inch rhom in a 55. I've had him a little over a month. After each week went by, he would become less skittish. I dimmed the lights immediately, probably about 50% of the original power. It seemed to help, but he was still a little skittish. Just last night, I had a low light in my bathroom and it was shining into my room and it was just enough light to see my p. He was swimming around like a bat out of hell! He looked like a new fish. First thing this morning, I dimmed the lights even more and it made it an extremely low glow lighting for the tank. He has been swimming around like there is no tomorrow. It is great.

Does anyone use blackwater extract? Have you noticed a difference in behavior of your p's? Have you used the Tetra Blackwater Extract? How does it affect the water chemistry?
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I use black water extract and it didn't change my fishes behavior at all. He is much more active at night than during the day, but he is not skittish at all. As I understand it just about everyone's fish will be more active at night or in the dark.

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