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And to be accurate, charcoal and activated charcoal is not the same thing.

The charcoal is activated by a chemical treatment with oxygen. This process also makes the active charcoal very porous, thus increasing the surface area and so also the mechanical filtration property. But the commercial names mix things up: activated charcoal is marketed as charcoal too.

Activated charcoal will stay activated in use for only about one month, after that it works as a mechanical filtration media.

Activated charcoal absorbs iodine, chlorine, contaminants, pigments and organic acids very well.
It absorbs, but not so well, strong acids and basics, ammonium, nitrates, metals, inorganic minerals.

It can for example remove humic acids from the water making it colorless.
I think the best use of this stuff is only to remove poisons and medicines from the water.
It cannot be used at all as a bio media.

There it is folks solid decent information.................(As stated)
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