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Chloramine, like chlorine, is a disinfectant that is used in some municipal water supplies. It's basically a chlorine-ammonia molecule that is more stable in solution than chlorine which is good for drinking water but bad for fish. Since it is stable, you can't get rid of it by aging it or boiling it like you can with chlorine.

If your tap water is treated with chloramine, you will need to buy a water conditioner which will either break the chlorine-ammonia bond (like most dechlorinators that are double dosed) or one that will detoxify the resulting ammonia once that bond is broken (like AmQuel, Ammo-Lock, Prime, etc.).

Treating the water doesn't have to be an exact science. All you need to do is know approximately the volume of water you are changing out and add enough conditioner to treat it. Most conditioners are not going to cause any problems if slightly overdosed.

Finally, you only treat the volume of new water you are putting into the tank. You do not have to add enough conditioner to treat the entire tank volume.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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