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datnoid pics !

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a few pics of my datnoids , aggresive as hell
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yet another !
Whoa, great looking dats. Their bar color is very sharp. Very cool

What are their sizes?
sorry there is only one in there as he killed the other 2 , this one is about 5 inches and very aggresive, i had a divider on the other tank he was in he rammed it in the night and killed them
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steveling said:
i had a divider on the other tank he was in he rammed it in the night and killed them

You've got quite a character swimming. But he looks really great, good luck with him
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wow what a crazy fish! looks great.

didn't know they were aggressive like that.
look,s nice
i thought datnoids where not as aggresive as this one is , when they where all together when i first bought them they lived in harmony , but then he just snapped and was always first to the food i gave them and of course he grew quicker , and always bullied them , then one day he just started ramming them at high speed , so the others hide behind the filter , then thought of putting the divider in and did that , then the rest is history
ive got a thinbar and 4 indos.... the indos get there ass hwooped constantly... the thinbars have awesome color heres my thinbar flaring at another dat (indo) hes only 4in while the indo is almost 6in
I like that setup with the rocks on the sand, very unique and clean looking
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Sweet dats you got there.
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