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i bought this product because it was recommended by one of the workers at my local fish store to speed up the cycling process...."fully cycles a new aquarium in two days"....is what the bottle read i was very skeptical at first but it was only $15 so i figured i'd give it a try....your supposed to put a 1/2 tsp in once a day for 3 days for every 50 gallons....well my 50g tank has only been set up for 3 days and these are my water parameters:


i feel this product worked very well....the only other thing that i have in there is a dozen guppies to help along with the process

I don't understand how it worked well!?

Looking at your water parameters it hasn't done anything, as yet anyway. You have a little ammonia due to the guppies and/or waste food. But as yet no NitrIte or NitrAte. I don't think any of these genuinely work apart from Biospira. They may help a little ,who knows, but I don't really see how.

Hope you beat the 4 week mark!
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