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i have been training people 4 12 years yes u do gain water while on it but u dont gain muscle from the product that comes from ur work out its only good to help u get past that peak piont r 4 people that have a hard time getting statred. ur recovery time is really fast and in most people dont get hardly any sorness.
i would say only use it to get u started in to ur work just keep in mind that u will have and incress in strength why on it because of the water retintion. and also with the new water in take if u way 175 lbs u r to drink 11 glass a day wich comes out to about 1 glass 4 every 16 lbs.
so if u use it u need to almost double it . and try not to take a lot of caffine it can cancel it out.

1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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