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I love these catfish, there are so many varietys and they are so active all the time, I like to have mixed cory shoals in my tank and the one I like the most is the Julii (see pic below)

I was wondering which one you guys like the best - pics are also good :

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i don't have any favorites i just like all catfishes they are cool

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Same here: all (well, most) catfish rock, but I have a soft spot for cories. They're just cute as hell, digging in the gravel the whole day in search of some scraps, and never bothering other fish.

I have four different species in my piranha tank, and out op them:

Leopard Cory (C. Julii):

False Bandit Cory (C. Melini):

Schwartzi Cory (C. Schwartzi):

Bronze Cory (C. Aeneus: the poor man's cory

I'm thinking about setting up a small catfish tank (for quite some time now, but I'm a little low on bling-bling :sad: ): does anyone know how many cories would live in a 15 gallon tank comfortably, when they would share it with a couple of other small catfish (like raphael cats or fancy-ass pleco's)?

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plecos look incredible when they have their fins opened up... shame that i almost never seen them opened up very much

corys are awesome; doesn't really matter what specie of cory, really, they're all buttons-cute

pictus catfish are the coolest-looking, i think

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I like the one net has.
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