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Convict F.A.Q.

Have questions about convicts? First off try the Profile! http://piranha-fury.com/pfury/index.php?showtopic=55381

If you didn't find what you are looking for try this F.A.Q.

My Convicts won't breed what should I do?
Try adding a flowerpot to the tank and wait a week for them to pair up. If they have not paired up after a week try this, do a 30% water change and bump up the temperature around 2 degrees (don't exceed 85F). If that doesn't work just give it some time and keep on those 30% water changes every other day to every 3 days it will happen.

What is the smallest tank I can breed convicts in?
Ideally the smallest tank that you should breed convicts in is a 29G tank. However when convicts are small they can breed in 20G, 10G and some ppl have even got their cons to breed in 5G tanks. (However I don't recommend this.)

My male/female convict is beating up my male/female convict what is going on?
If the male is beating up the female after breeding it means that he wants to breed again and she might not be ready. One way around this is to make sure you are feeding foods high in protein. This allows the convict to produce eggs and recover from laying them faster. You may have to invest in a divider for around a week or so while the female takes time to produce more eggs.
Now, if the female is beating up the male she most likely is trying to get him A) away from her eggs/babies; some female cons don't let the male help out w/ raising children(get a divider). Or B) she is trying to make the male defend scout around and defend the nest.

Should I Remove the fry?
Its up to you really, there is a chance the parents will eat the children but in 99% of the time the parents are VERY good. My vote is to leave them in till about 1 inch

Can a pink con and a black con make a marble con?
No, unless it carries the genetics for it (I've had 2 blacks produce a marble).

What should I feed fry?

There are plenty of things you can feed the fry. You can crush up pellets/flakes into a powder, you can feed freshly hatched brine shrimp, or you can buy a special fry food.

Can I keep other fish w/ my breeding pair?
Generally no, the cons will kill other tank mates, however if the tank is large it is possible to keep other fish w/ them. I have successfully kept crawfish w/ a breeding pair of cons (however it REALLY stresses the cons out)

What size can cons start breeding at?
Around 2 inches give or take .25 inches.

My female con has layed eggs and stopped eating what do I do?
This is normal for the female to not leave her eggs until they hatch. Just drop food at the mouth of the pot and she will eventually start eating.

I'm thinking of breeding cons to make money by selling them to the store.
Good luck, you and everyone's mother is trying to do that.

My convicts keep eating the eggs/babies what should I do?
This is quite common w/ new parents. In a few weeks they will try again and when they get it right they will stop eating them.

How fast do cons grow? VERY SLOW, about an inch the first month and .25 inches a month after that till full grown.

If anyone has anything else they want to add post it and I'll throw it into the faq. We might even be able to talk someone into pinning it.
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