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Come to Chat

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Come talk.
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syd said:
rogers its right there in yonkers, moron ..stop trying to make a convo
well you said those were all beat up, so im not trying to house a p without an eye, so stop being a **** and" get off sh*t " used your own sh*t at you.
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i just want to let the board know that i gave rogers his piranha and i got it 15 minutes from our house.

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you should also let them know the p you gave me was the one that was best in shape and the other ones were beaten up. don't forget that
there was one other fine one in his tank and two slightly larger fine ones in the next tank

fine meaning nothing was wrong with them.

the 2 that were like 2 inches better looked better then yours does i jus didnt have 50 on me
well this info could of saved me trying to make convo now wouldn't have it? assh0le.
you were already informed of this but tried to make convo. with a member due to sheer boredom.
you only said the others were beaten up, you even said i was gay cause i wouldn't buy one with a missing eye, so try STFU
Roger said:
you only said the others were beaten up, you even said i was gay
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Tinkerbelle said:
WHY do y'all insist on being lazy asses and making new threads? go back and find the official one and bump it for christ sakes. stop eating up bandwidth.
That's not what bandwidth is sweetypie
elTwitcho said:
That's not what bandwidth is sweetypie
bite me, sugar
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21 - 35 of 35 Posts
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