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closed call

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I added some sand to my spilo's tank today...i washed the sand as usual...a few hours after I added the sand...I noticed my gold swiming erratically...no sense of direction at all...and I noticed a stench coming from the tank...I quickly took him out of his home...and placed him in the same tank w/ my reds with a divider...and in about 5 seconds...he was back to normal......I replaced most of the water from his tank with the water from the red's....

anyone knows y????...i couldn't check water parameter b/c I don't have the test kits w/ me...I just did a water changed for both tank two days ago...
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did u stir up the current sand that was in the tank? you could have released gases that were under the sand or decor.

i know u said that u had sand in the tank...which would mean that u shouldnt have an UGF, but just to make sure...are u using an UGF?

there has to be a reason for the stench you said you could smell. did u find an old piece of uneaten that was hiding somewhere in the tank that u somehow stirred up when adding the new sand?

also, I think you meant to say that you had a 'close call'...not 'closed call'.

good thing u caught it right away otherwise there is a very chance that your piranha would have died.
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