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dave2134 said:
Hellow thar guys!!

Im new here and just wanted to tell you all alittle about my 10 gallon cichlid tank. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions!!
I would like thse fish to live a long time, as I don't have much money for replacement

Right now I have 5 dovii, 3 red devil, 2 pacu and 2 black shark in a 10 gallon tank. Do you guys think this will be ok? Ive never kept fish before and I was told they wont get any bigger than 3-4 inches. They are all healthy, happy and very peaceful at the moments, so I figure everything will be ok for life with them. I try to feed them as much as possible in hope of them getting big; but hten they just poop alot

I was thinking of adding a few more fish here in the near future (next paycheck) because these are so small right now its kind of boring to look at. Do you guys think that will be ok?

Thanks for any advice guys!!! always much appreciated

LOL I can smell the sarchasm from here. hehe
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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