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I came home from work today, the first thing I see when opening my front door and walking down the short hall is my tank, then my Channa.

Eeek the Blue (Balu) was very brightly coloured, more so than normal and had a very black nose! Panic that's not been seen before (by me) maybe he's hurt or got a problem?? Where was the green?

Double eek, the green (Kina) had a black nose too!!
To top that they were both acting very odd, gill flairing and rubbing each other under the chin? Nothing like when they actually give each other the odd tail nip.

I grabbed some snaps to show you incase others have had this happen. BTW I just checked, they are of normal colouring now

and yes that is a gold fish in the picture. It's one of three friends (that I feel are out growing my channa lol), the clean up gang and not one has had a nip in the last 2 months. Although if Kina and Balu are getting horny? Very unlikely as Baloo has said he has not heard of tank bred Pleuros, they will be moved in a flash.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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