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car audio

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Just wondering how many of us are gonna go deaf soon.

So far I've got 2 12" alpine type r's in a ported bassworx box, pushed by a JL 500/1 sub amp, and a alpine cda 7875 deck, all on factory component chrysler speakers. Hitting 143-144 DB, not very much, but still 13 DB louder than a harrier jet taking off

I bought a 91 daytona yesterday, that one is going to get a complete sony system with those new pentagonal subs.
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i have a factory modified mmats d300hc!!!!!! i had 6 10" JL W0, but that wasnt loud enough, so i went to 4 new 12" kicker L5's...... i hit 149.5 last week................ i also collect car audio, its funny you posted this............. i dont like to boast ...... alpine is nice, and those new JL class D amps are off the hook...... nice catch!!!
the 500/1 is a class D mono block amp........... of course they are ported!!!!! i know how to do things the right way!!!!! i know mmats is top of the line thats why i got it!!! there are only L5's not L7's........ i wasnt using a bass CD, i was playin music and i hit 149!!!! we will have to see what happens in two weeks with a bass cd................ ill try and get some pics!!!!
i forgot my other system, it isnt as loud but it takes up more space becuase of the damn subs and the size of ported box they need!!!

2 18" earthquake balls

1 phoenix gold zx40oti

jvc head unit

1 phoenix gold xs2300 running the kenwood 6x9

dont got with 18's, they take up too much space!!!!!!

mid 140's

two 3.5 foot slot ported boxes
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pentagon subs by xtant and sony

square subs by kicker

triangle subs by bazooka

and circle by everyone else

can we hope for octagon subs next or many a rectangle?????

what do you think???
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