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hi guys...

i'm planning a gap year next year, i am trying to find somwhere i can go in south america. for a month or so, i wanna be able to take some cool pictures, so i'm thinking of gettin a digital slr. alot of people are using a sony slr, and their pics look great.
can you guys recommend a rather good camera, that is fairly cheap, max £500. its have a good macro and high number of megapixels...

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buy a bunch of desposables never does me any wrong
The Nikon CoolPix 2500 is cool. Takes good pics and mini vids and you can get huge storage cards so you can take lots of pics and it is not that expensive.
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First, a digital SLR is a huge investment both in cost and cost of upgrades. If you're not serious about getting into photography then I'd stay away from them since you won't really need the features offered.

High megapixels is not the same as high quality or even image quality, and unless you're printing poster sized photos, you aren't going to need 8 megapixels or anything like that. Look more for a high quality camera than one with high megapixel count.

My suggestion is the Canon S70, it's a great camera with manual features and isn't overly large to be carrying around. Believe me when I say that a Digital SLR or other high end camera isn't automatically going to give you good pictures, in fact unless you know the camera really well your pictures won't be any better than on a 100 dollar camera. I learnt this myself when I went from a 150 dollar Sony to a 1200 dollar Canon and saw that my pictures were no better with the new camera than the old one. The S70 would be an excellent camera to learn on and will take great pictures. The only downside is a slightly slow autofocus but I don't think it'd be too much of an issue since when trying to capture that special shot you'll probably want to use manual focus anyway.

If you really want to spend a bit more on a better camera, I'd look at leaving the comapct category behind and going with something that while slightly more cumbersome to lug around, will be easier to take great pictures with (though I wouldn't say you'll necessarily not be able to take as good pictures with the 70). In that field there is the Canon G6 and Sony 828.

Before buying any of them, I suggest you read the following three reviews

Sony 828 - http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/sonydscf828/

Canon G6 - http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canong6/

Canon S70 - http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canons70/
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Basically what twitch Said. DSlr's are Expensive and so are the lenses. Get that if you have A) Cash to spare, B) plan on making some money with it, or C) If your Serious about Photography. Also, Soy doesnt have Slrs. They have some good point and shoot Cams. My friend has the Sony DSC-P150, Excellent Camera. Small, compact, Takes Excellent Photos.
thanks twitch i will have a look at those reviews.
I agree with what twitch said, but the f828 is an old model, not sold in most stores any more. In that price range I'd look at the Sony V-3...just dropped in price...G6 and s70 are excellent choices as well...

One thing about resolution...higher resolution allows you to crop more heavily, which is nice...and I do notice a bit of a difference in 8x10 prints between 5 and 7 megapixels...
Lyle said:
I agree with what twitch said, but the f828 is an old model, not sold in most stores any more.
Really? Its still sold in our CIrcuit City's and Best Buy's.
The Sony V-3 does look like a good little camera. Has great pixels to get a nice BIG Print out or something.
im planning on getting the nikkon 5400, looks good quality and you can change shutter settings and stuff.
thanks for all the tips guys!

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