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I want to get a different species of p besides the common rbp u usually find in pet shops? Anyone from PA or the tri-state area that could tell me where to go? I am to the site and whole the p hobbyist thing. I checked the site and they told me they're was a pet shop in YORK, PA that sold some p's ... any feedback would be greatly appreciated! nice to meet everyone!!!
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or try Ron @ fish post, he isnt that far of a drive.
vinniegambini said:
I bought a P many years ago at the fish store in York PA. I think it's called the Mt Rose fishstore. They might have changed locations but they were always helpful.

In Marylad there is a good fishstore caled the Showcase Aquarium in Silver Spring/Wheaton MD. The owner Joe will help you out with all the information you would need. The last time I checked,which was 2 days ago, they have 3 black P's in there. Great store!!
Cool, sorry a tad offtopic here,
I live in Yorksprings in the summer in PA. any good stores?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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