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bulk feeders

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where can i find bulk feeders? i'm paying $.08 per fish at lfs and i'm spending

$10 per week..........

anyone know of where to buy in bulk............

i know it is not good for their primary diet .....................it's not ... i have a few seras that are picky and only eat feeders.........i'm trying to break them of this....

and i put about 10 every night in pygo tank before i go to bed ............or use in morning if i'm gonna be home late.........

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dont just stop using feeders try to mix their food. i slowly changed my p's diets by adding frozen smelt or squid along with feeders. i did this for about a week and now all they eat are smelt and squid. and no chicken is not good to feed, too oily and can foul up the water real fast.
Feeders will break your bank, switch over to catfish fillet. You can get them at Wal-mart for $1.99 a lb.
not the greatest ideo to use feeders......... def change over
Just stop feeding them feeders and offer them something else. If they don't eat it, take it out. The next day, offer it again, and so on.

They'll eat it eventually, they won't starve themselves to death.

Once you get them switched over, give them a feeder or two as a TREAT. Think of them as ice cream for us. Yes, ice cream is good, but eating it all the time is not a good idea.
You can always unlimit your Ps from eatting veggies and/or a mixture of meats and veggies. Try different varieties (raw meat, chicken, fish, veggies, seeds) mixed in a blender, pour into ice cubes, and serve for future feedings. Best bang for the buck!!!
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