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according to fishbase, they get 18-20" at full size, so long-term a 125g or bigger would be ideal, though a 75g could probably house them for quite a while. They are said by owners to be very inactive and consequently boring, moving about only to eat and resembling dead logs the rest of the time.

anything that won't fit in their mouths will work.... shoot for fish that are close to the same size as the bullhead, or bigger. Do not add aggressive tankmates with a bullhead, as the bullhead will get picked on. They can live in a huge temperature range.

Yellow bullheads apparently stay a couple inches smaller than brown bullheads, so they might be a bit more ideal if you don't have big tanks.

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They can live in a huge temperature range.

I like that! Yellow bullheads are out of my reach, I live in Europe and brown one is one of the alien species introduced in local rivers, lakes, ponds... Actually thats old news, cause I remember fishing them when I was 5-6...

I'd like create local biotop, (cold water with cooler) but most of the species that I can catch grow to big for my empty 75g... so i came up with bullhead idea.. (not really local but 40 years after introduction, they are kinda homies, reight..?)

Im also wondering about light, plants and so... As bottom dwellers that live in mug I can not imagine light would do them much good, especially on the longer run..
so I came on idea to put some White lotus flowers on top and so...

their leaves could provide shadow to fishes and look nice in one open style tank..
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