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Breeding Guppies or other Feeders

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What size tank would I need to breed guppies or another type of feeder fish for my Piranha?

I have always used a quarentine tank.. but I am thinking about just doing away with all the hormones if at all possible. My fish enjoy feeders too much to stop all together..
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There is an article about breeding feeders around the site somewhere that describes the impracticality of it.

In order to do it, you would likely need a tank far larger than that which you have your p's in.

Edit: Here's the article: Why breeding feeders doesn't work.
A 10 gallon tank with a power filter, heater, and net breeder is really all you need.

Get about 10 - 20 guppies (or 3 - 5 mollies if you wish) and put them in there. (Of course after cycling.) Yes, 20 guppies is overstocking, but it is practically impossible for them to NOT breed.

When the ladies get pregnant, put them into a net breeder and when they have the babies, take them (the mommy) out. (This is so the mom won't accidentally eat her babies.) Feed the fry with a type of liquid food, or crushed flake food. A large guppy will have 10 - 30 babies, and a large molly will have 20 - 100 babies. Guppies breed about every 28 days IIRC.

Live-bearers are the only practical fish to breed as feeders... goldfish and such require massive tanks to breed.

Keep in mind you're still not going to have that many feeders to feed your fish.

Google for breeding live-bearers.
breeding feeders is all that good because u gotta wait till it grows up too.
Considering all of the water changes, feeding, and separating of pregnant females you'll need to do, it's alot of extra work for a few, tiny feeders.
why not breed crayfish I have and they grow really fast.
It was all an accident I just baught one that had sperm stored and them a few months later she had a sh*t load of crayfish babies. They are all food now but I still have the mother...
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