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Well, I finally got them. Three red bellies. All no more than 2" long, so very young as well. Not the Rhom that I originally wanted, but not only is my tank (55g) good for life for the three, whereas the Rhom would require an upgrade, but there's THREE of them
One of them came from the lfs missing an eye, so I'm taking him back tomorrow.

Anyway, I'm already pleased with them because they didn't run off and hide. I'm keeping the one side with the most decoration dark to give them somewhere to hide, but all three of them are swimming around on the lit side, which actually has no decoration at all. Yet. They don't freak out when I approach, either. Anyway, I'll add pictures to this thread in the near future. My buddy is coming over tomorrow and I'm gonna tell him to bring his camera. Thanks to everyone on this site who helped me learn about caring for them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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