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I know some people keep pleco's or catfish, or something with their P's.. for some reason, the only thing I can keep with my P's is P's because anything i put in their ends up as food... So I was wonderin how many people keep these cleaners in the tank with their P's....

how big the cleaner? How big the Tank? How many P's in the tank!???


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i have 2 plecos about 3 inches in with my (3) 3-3.5 inch rbp's and they are ok together so i tried adding a third one and the new guy got eatten....... so either they are used to the other 2 pleco's OR coinsidence they picked that new guy to eat because they felt it was over crowded but i still think they knew he was new and ate him because they bonded with the other 2 pleco's this is all in a 10 gallon tank too i tried a pleco with my 4 inch rhom but it never came out from behind the heater so i took it out cause he was doing no good only behind the heater......... also tried one with the gibbus worked for a bit until it got out from behind the heater and plants then he was food....... so i think they seem to work better with pygo species rather then serrasalmus species........ maybe other people have had luck with keeping them with serra but my only luck is pygo's of the same size

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I have a 9" pleco in with (7) 6-7" RBP's and (4) 3.5" Exodons.
(used to have 8 exo's but I let my piranhas get too hungry one day)
They have all been together in a 200gl tank since the P's were 3" long.

The pleco is very agressive towards the P's when it comes to food lying on the gravel and they still back off when he comes out to suck up the left-overs.
However for the most part, the pleco keeps a pretty low profile and usually only comes out to graze at night....

I tried a 5" catfish (to eat my snails) the other day and it got owned by the exodons first and eventually the P's finished him off....All within a day.

The bottomline is that you'll never know what will work until you try it.

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i've had about 4 ghost shrimp as a clean up crew for my p's for a week and they seem to be working out very nicely.....the setup behind a piece of slate in my tank and when the p gets done with his meal the shrimp come out and clean up most of the left overs...and i its also a good diet for your p if they eat the shrimp also.....

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Here's the list ...

90gal - 10.5" S.Rhombeus - (1) 3" Royal pleco
- (1) 3" Gold Nugget pleco
- (3) 3" Chinese Algae eaters

90gal - 6.5" S.Altuvei - (1) 3" Snowball pleco
- (2) 2" Chinese Algae eaters

65gal - 5" S.Brantii - (1) 3" Gold Nugget pleco
- (1) 3" Chinese Algae eater

29gal - 4.5" S.Sanchezi - (1) 3" Queen Arabesque pleco
- (1) 4" Sail fin pleco (Gibby)

20gal - 3.5" S.Sanchezi - (2) Spotted Rapheal Catfish

After seeing Judazzz's plecos
I had to get some for my tanks.

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5 Chinese Algae Eaters --(NOT Bottom Feeders)--
5 Siamese Algae Eaters --(NOT Bottom Feeders)--
2 Ancistrus Dolihopterous sp.
2 Comon Plecos
2 Platydoras Costatus
4 Corydoras Aeneus

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With my 5 7,5-9" Redbellies, I keep:
- 6" Common Pleco
- 6" Sultan Pleco L264
- 3" Tiger Panaque L002
- 3" Rio Jari Zebra Pleco L316
- 3" Whiptail Pleco
- 2" Clown Pleco
- 2" Ancistomus sp. L147
- 5" Striped Raphael Catfish
- 2,5" Spotted Raphael Catfish
- couple of Ghost Shrimp

With my 6" Serra manueli, I keep:
- 3" Royal Pleco L190
- 3" Polkadot Pleco L020
- 2" Three Beacon Pleco L091
- 3x 2-2,5" Queen Arabesque Pleco L260

For the record: I haven't lost a bottom dweller for more than a year (not that I expect things to remain the same in the future, though - sooner or later it will go wrong I'm affraid, but for me it's worth the risk...)
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