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Body Damage to My RBP

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I need help. I left my house for Christmas break and came back a week and a half later to find my smallest RBP with a large gash out of his back. The other 2 RBP in the tank are find, but im worries about this little guy. (3"). I have left them before for a week and nothing had been wrong with them, but not that kinda luck this time. He's missing a good portion from the back of his skull to his top fin. Im wondering if this is going to grow back seeing as its not a part of his bones. I know there will probably be some long term damage, but should I be really worried about his back not properly growing back?

Thanks for any suggestions or help.
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Not quite sure, but I would get him a hospital tank, put him in there, up the water temp a little, and then add some salt in there to help him!

That is what I would do, but that is me!
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