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Very nice reef Bob. It's so relaxing to watch that video. I also liked your choice of reef friendly tank mates. How many gallons is that tank...are you running a sump? What kind of lighting do you have? Btw, I'm sure the video doesn't do the tank justice.

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thx. its a 120g. Yes there is a sump with heavy duty H&S simmer, ZEOvit reactor and bag of active carbone inside...
As for the lights I have Giesemann 260 moonlight System(2 x 150 Watt HQI + 2 x 30W T-8 + comp moonlight lit) and 2x t5 DIY fixtures on the canopy...

curent stock:




-Ocelllaris x2 par
-Gobiodon atrangulatus (Green Dwarf Goby) x 2 par
-Neocirrhitus armatus (Flame Hawk)
-Salarias fasciatus (Sailfin/Algae Blenny )
-Zebrasoma flavescens (zuti tang)
-Centropyge argi (Cherub)
Pseudochromis diadema (Diadem Dottyback)


-Ophiuroidea Echinodermata -I think (black brittlestar)
-Linckia laevigata (plava linckia)


-euphyllia -paraancora
-seriatopora -hystrix
-lobophyllia -hemprichii
-plerogyra sinuosa (bubble)
-tubinaria reniformis
-pocillopora -damicornis
-pavona decussata
-trachyphyllia -geoffroyi
-capnella imbricata (kenia)
-pachyclavularia violacea (zeleni star polipi)
-button polyps -narandzasti


-anemone (Entacmaea quadricolor)
-turbo snails x3
-Clibanarius tricolor (blueleged hermit)
-Stenopus hispidus (Banded Coral Shrimp)
-small goodies like tunicates, sponges, tube worms, snails, pods and rest of the stuff that usualy gets with LR

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thx guys..
As for the T5's I have 2X Arcadia Marine White T5 39 watts, 9.500 K... I took white ones cause T-8's that I have integrated in Giesemann lamp are blue.I came to believe that in Germany (and Japan->which is too expensive) they make best reef equipment so I try to follow that idea.

I removed 50kg of LR (it was 120 inside) and placed newly imported 15 kg of Fiji stuff.. That way I hope to enrich biodiversity and so.... besides LR now I placed two bags of live sand on the bottom for the same reason and to finally get some sand organisms that i couldn't have in BB tank.

Now is more swimming space, places to hang corals too and white sand gives nice light reflection and clams look fantastic in it. I tried to arrange aquascape more lagoon style so it gets deep touch.. My fishes like that big time, and I think it looks more natural that way.. Some difficult corals like Catalaphyllia jardinei didn't survive the stress of sudden changes but I was counting about possible mortalities risk...
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