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ok man its been like 2 months since you said it was almost done. people ask where it is and you don't respond all i want to know is:

where is it ?

why are there no pictures ?

why don't we see this huge tutorial we have been waiting for?

why don't you even answer questions about it?

if you messed it up or something like that just say it and eveyone will stop asking. i am sure there will be a few told ya so's and stuff like that but everyone is just wondering what happened.

Come on man spill the beans!

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Hi guys, Ive had a shity past three weeks.
The tank? Its cool. i saw a air pocket on one side, so i toke a saw and cutt it off. But when i went to re-glue it after i sanded it down and stuff, all my glue evaperated. So i need to go get some more.
just have had zip time
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Croz said:
well lets see some picts man , and what do you have in it ? what sort of filtration. give us some info.
i am going to use two home made wet dry. in side of a plywood pressboard epoxy tank. using two the 2500 pumps and thats about it.
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