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Hi All,

Lately on a lot of the forums, Cichlids, Killies, Discus, Bettas, Angels and more there seems to be a lot of questions and opinions about Blackworms. Some first time users are hesitant, some don't want to use them at all. I appreciate their opinion. Like I've always said, I'm not here to try to talk any one into using them. My job is to give the best product and best service possible.
So for the new hobbyist who want to try them here are two first order specials.
Please send a copy of this with your order as it is not available to everyone.

1/2-lb Blackworms and 2 Wormkeepers for 22.95 reg. 27.95
1--lb Blackworms and 3 Wormkeepers for 33.95 reg. 39.95

Remember send a copy of this with your order as it is not available to everyone.
Thanks to everyone.
[email protected]
Aquatic foods

For tons of Blackworm information and hobbyist experince visit:


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Hey Dan,

I live in Belgium, that's somewhere in Europa. Don't know if it's possible to send some of your worms overthere. If it would be possible, then how much would it cost me including all extra costs like: shipping costs, taxes, ...


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Hi All
Its been some time since we have posted.
We have new blackworm specials.

Prices for all Piranha-Fury Members
Not just new customers.
Live Blackworms @ $ 6.00 per Lb
On your UPS, FED Ex or USPS account.
Order direct form the farm, no middlemen.

These prices include delivery through out the 48 mainland States.
1-lb @ $27.00
2-lbs @ $36.00
3-lbs @ $ 45.00
5-lbs @ $ 50.00
These are your finale prices
delivered to your door.

Please, it is very important that you send a copy of this
along with your order as Jennifer will not know whos who for the special prices. Larger amounts can be quoted, email orders and any questions to Jennifer or myself direct to [email protected]
We ship via Fed Ex Monday through Thursday for next day delivery.
Spread the word, split or share orders to save $$$

[email protected]
prices good until further notice
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