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Black Spots

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I know I could probably go find the answer somewhere easily, but I'll ask here instead.
How old are Red's when they start to lose those spots. On average. Mine seems to be getting the glitter thing goin but not losing his spots.
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I think it depends on the individual fish and age more than size. I have a little wild red that is about 4.5 inches that i have had for about 9 months that lost his spots a long time ago but has not grown.
It depends on the fish...have 3 reds...one lost itz spots when s/he was 2"...the rest still do...till now...they are 6"...and the other two still have spots...
On average. Its usually 6-7 inches, once they mature.
5-7" from what I remember. But like the rest, its up to the fish when it decides to cross over to maturity.
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