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Black Gravel Does Wonders

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:Well just swiched out my old sort of natural color gravel for some brand new black gravel. I painted the back of the tank black as well to give it more of that erie feeling you know the one where the women get scared and cling on to ya, yeah that one
but anywho, I just put the 10" red, 8" caribe, 8" red, and two 7" reds in the tank, after getting splashed in the face and them throwing water all over everything, they have now came out and are swimming and I tell you what WOW, they are so freaking dark and have been this way for the padt hr and I mean dark. I have one 7" he is so datk right now his purple is alot more noticable and it was prety noticable before ( possibly from peru). But all of them are so dark they almost blend in with the back round, ia lso have the light candy cane striped to allor less light to penetrate the water. I have a piranha cam and you are all wlecome to see it if u IM me on yahoo at bcollins111900 and i wil llet ya see, if i am not online Im me and I will get back with ya.
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i thought that when they got dark that they were stressed ? that or mating.
put it this way if they are stressed they are shaoling well and are very active and just ate a shibby load of smelt! I will add the exodons back in tomorrow for there saftery but looks good so far. I have a the potentioal again for a suscessful bredd as I am 100% sure I have a female and male, seen her discharge eggs and the other male sure ascted liek the male but no man juice came out if you catch my drift.
dang.....id like to see the pianha cam but i dont have yahoo IM
you have any pictures you would like to share with us, I think we would all enjoy that :smile: so we can get a better idea of wether we like it or not...


granted the pics were taken about 4 months apart, but the color differences where that noticable in about 24 hrs. the Cons in the foreground are much smaller than they look, its only because they were so close and the fish were in the back

I told you so Brian
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very nice nate..
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nice picts. thats some crazy coloration
I changed my gravel late one night and by the next morning when the lights came on they were nearly as dark as that pic, they change that fast, it most have something to do with blending in to the environment
yeah man, i have black gravel in my 55 with the reds. they turned darker. and look much better
Natural or black...both ok... still the darker the gravel the darker the fish will come!
I used to run black gravel in a couple of my tanks. I do like the dark look that the P's get, but their poop sure does stand out against that black gravel.
Yeah John hates dirty tanks even more than I do. He takes clean aquaria to the extreme. It just shows how much he cares though, something we all should do
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I used black gravel in my new 125. Pygos were in a 55 with natural gravel and they are much darker now like yours. I'm still trying to decide if I like the darker coloration because some of the red/yellow/orange are less prominent now. Matter of personal preference.
Great "after" pic!
I aggree with knifeman something about that damn greyish poop all over the black gravel looks bad.
Nice pix Nate!!! I agree that they look even meaner with your set ups. I have one of my Rhoms in a 30 TruVu, black backround w/ natural gravel, and I cant see him most of the time already. I guess its better with colorful Ps. But I like your discovery man!!!
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