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a couple weeks back i discoved a couple of tiny tiny black bumps on my rhom. there are now a couple more and i was wondering if this was anything bad. there very small and the rhom and elongatus at my lfs have them too , a lot more of them actually. the fish seems perfectly fine, i was just wondering if they were anything bad or just normal. i cant get a picture of them at all, sorry.. thanks to anyone that can help

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The lice do not hurt your fish.

The best way to get rid of them is just to

let them run their course and die.

Since they pose no danger to your fish there

is no reason to medicate the water to get rid of them.

You just gotta be cool and wait.

My elong has them too

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NavinWithPs said:
can it spread to other fish? my dentic has it and i was wondering what it was for a long time.
No, it will not spread to other fish that have not already had it. This specific fluke requires another host (birds) before it can spread to fish. Bird eats infected fish, bird poops in water, parasites from poop searches for fish host.
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