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I'm in the process of setting up a 16 gallon nano-reef tank, and to give me as much internal space as possible in the tank I've bought a Eheim Boss 2003 hang-on type filter....similar to the Penn-Plax/Aquaclear ones you guys use over there on your piranha tanks.

It has a foam block as a pre-filter and a foam cartridge as the bio-filter media. I'm wondering if I could change this foam cartridge for a more effective biological media, something like sintered glass or bio balls.

Do you guys change the filter media that comes with these hang-on type filters? If so, what do you use?

Thanks lads,


Should be a pic attached of the filter here...

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illnino said:
you can buy a mesh media bag, fill it with media and throw it in the filter.
You can either use a mesh media bag or pantyhose and fill it with whatever media you want (Ehfisubstrat, bioballs or Ehfilav)
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